Ginga Tetsudô 999 for Planetarium


OP song "Keep on loving you ~ Ôinaru Yume"

  • Words and music by: Yukihide Takekawa
  • Arranged by: Yukuhide Takekawa & That's on Noise
  • Performed by: Yukihide Takekawa & T's COMPANY

I keep on searching, I keep on searching for my paradise to make the people that I love happier
I keep on dreaming, I keep on dreaming that I can realize to make this nasty world better

@ I want true love I don't need to be loved but just to love
I want true life I don't wanna live to live but live to love

* I'll keep on loving you to fulfill my life I'll keep on loving you

I keep on walking, I keep on walking to find my finest way for my unseen future without any clue
I keep on Smiling, I keep on Smiling and it will lead me to the next new stage where I can fly

@ repeat
* repeat

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