leijiverse: the world of Leiji Matsumoto
leijiverse: the world of Leiji Matsumoto
a word from the author prologue

Dear fans of Leiji Matsumoto,

This site is dedicated to one of the most famous Japanese manga drawer: Leiji Matsumoto (also called Reiji Matsumoto).
He created a lot of mangas which were possibly turned into anime. Among those anime, let us quote Uchû Senkan Yamato (known as Star Blazers in the US), Uchû Kaizoku Captain Harlock (Albator in the French-speaking countries), Ginga Tetsudô 999 (Galaxy Express 999), or Starzinger famous in Sweden, all of which were big hits from the mid-70s to the early 80s in Japan.
The most aware fans will certainly recognize more recent anime such as The Cockpit, Queen Emeraldas and Harlock Saga, while the others have surely seen some of the Daft Punk videos on TV.
I wanted this site to be as accurate as possible, like an encyclopaedia. I also wish this site to be your site, the site of every people on earth who has experienced the depth of the works of Leiji Matsumoto.

This site is still under construction and help is welcome, specially for the summaries of episodes and movies, and info about rare series or TV specials.

Real Audio and Video files in this site are here for your memory, not as piracy. That's why the quality has been lowered, so please be understanding.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this site.

A time voyager

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Leiji Matsumoto - Leijiverse

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Series or movies not listed here yet:
- Any manga, novel, book, artbook, VHS, LD, DVD, EP, LP, CD...
- TV advertisements
- Uchû Senkan Yamato 2 Sôshûhen Yamato yo Eien Nare
- Uchû Senkan Yamato III Sôshûhen
- Uchû Senkan Yamato Taidôhen - Yamato !! Waga Kokoro Fumetsu no Fune -
- SF Saiyûki Starzinger - Akuma no Baribari Zone (movie 2 aired on 21/7/1979, Tôei Manga Matsuri)
- Hana to Midori no Hakurankai Ginga Tetsudô 999 (Animation made for the Flower Exhibition of Osaka in March, 1990)
- Ginga Tetsudô 999 Memorial 1 & 2
- Ginga Tetsudô 999 Medal Game (Arcade game)
- Hikari no Kaze no Âma
- Daiginga (series that was supposed to be aired on October 2003)
- Yamato Fukkatsu-hen
- Albator on GBA (Captain Harlock for GameBoy Advance game in development)
- Majiria Queen (movie supposed to be aired in 2003)
- Captain Harlock (the forecoming live movie)
- All the radio drama series such as Emeraldus and Emeraldus II (Emeraldas), The Cockpit, Queen Millenia, GE999...
- Some video games (2 arcade games
from the 80's, Captain Harlock for PC-98, simulators, Benami pocket, Animelo Pop'n Music...)
- All the live series, movies and documentaries (Kôsoku Esper, Eternal Fantasy Making DVD...)
- The Musical Galaxy Express 999, Queen Millenia

OP: opening song
ED: ending song
IN: insert song (song heard in the series, or the movie)
IM: image song (song not heard in the anime, e.g. a song specially created for an album)
UN: unknown type of song (usually either a IN or a IM)
TL: translated song (e.g. an English version of a song created for an album)
OAV:  original video animation (directly sold anime, not shown on TV or in movie theaters)

This site is best viewed with IE 4.0 or later with 800 x 600 x 16,7 millions colors.

Yamato (pilot)
Yamato (series)
Danguard A (series)
Danguard A (movie 1)
Yamato (movie)
Captain Harlock
Danguard A (movie 2)
SF Saiyûki Starzinger
Captain Harlock (movie 1)
Saraba Yamato
Ginga Tetsudô 999 (series)
Uchû Senkan Yamato 2
Starzinger (movie)
SF Saiyûki Starzinger II
Aratanaru Tabidachi
Ginga Tetsudô 999 (movie)
GE999 (TV special 1)
Glass no Claire
GE999 (TV special 2)
Yamato yo Towa ni
Marine Snow no Densetsu
GE999 (TV special 3)
Uchû Senkan Yamato III
Sennen Joô (TV special 1)
GE999 (TV special 4)
Sennen Joô (series)
Sennen Joô (TV special 2)
Adieu Galaxy Express
Sennen Joô (TV special 3)
Sennen Joô (movie)
Waga Seishun no Arcadia
Kaizoku Kikan Arcadia
Mugen Kidô SSX
Arei no Kagami
Yamato Kanketsuhen
Freedom Fighter
Escape from CyberCity
Yamato (GB)
Yamato (PCE)
The Cockpit
Yamato 2520
The Musical GE999
GE999 Eternal Fantasy
Queen Emeraldas
DNAsights 999.9
Harlock Saga (pilot)
Harlock Saga
Yamato (PSX) 1
Torajima no Mî-me
Glass no Claire 3D version
Yamato (PSX) 2
Cosmowarrior Zero (PSX)
Maetel Legend
Yamato (PSX) 3
Kieta Taiyôkei
Mirai · Snow Angel
Yamato (WSC)
Space Hexcite
Matsumoto Leiji 999
Niji no Michishirube
Cosmowarrior Zero (series)
Marina Story
Gun Frontier
Cosmowarrior Zero (PC)
GE999 for Planetarium
Cosmowarrior Zero Gaiden
GE999 Internet Anime
Captain Harlock (OAV)
Submarine Super 99
Interstella 5555
Ginga Tetsudô Monogatari
Station Zero
Space Symphony Maetel
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